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The Best Beatles Songs for Guitarists

  01/25/16 08:09 am, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized

I think my favorite part about being a guitarist is the sheer number of incredible songs we get to choose from, and the even greater flexibility we can take with a song in order to add a unique touch and create a new and more interesting level of playing.

That said, by far one of the greatest sources for guitar songs is the most famous band of the 20th century: The Beatles.

From Blackbird to Penny Lane to Revolution, the incredible diversity of styles that The Beatles played (many of them invented/initiated by the group itself) is astonishing.

Here are 3 of my favorite Beatles' songs to play on guitar.

Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood is easily one of my favorite Beatles songs. The tune is perfect for playing a fun, quirky, and sudo-Indian sounding acoustic or electric version of the tune.

This leaves so many options when interpreting the style, and the chords are not that difficult to play. You can get the full Norwegian Wood tab from http://acousticguitarchords.org.


No guitarist's repertoire would be complete without Blackbird.

Though not the easiest tune to play, I wouldn't recommend it for beginners, for an intermediate level guitarist it is definitely doable.

The difficult part of this song is not actually the chord progression, but rather the consistently active guitar line that runs throughout the piece. The good news for the performer is that the line is moderately repetitive, meaning you can learn a few parts and then string them together to play the whole piece.

Learn more about playing Blackbird.


If you prefer the hard rock styles the band merged into later in their career, then Revolution is the piece for you.

Perhaps most famous among guitarists for the electric guitar solo that opens the piece and then provides the rhythm throughout, this is a great one for an intermediate guitarist.

it's not too difficult, and is catchy enough that everyone you know will want to sing along as you play!

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How To Play John Denver and Cat Stevens Songs on Guitar for Beginners

  12/02/15 07:37 am, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized

If you're just getting started learning guitar, then one of the best singer-songwriters you might want to check out is John Denver, along with Cat Stevens. They are both classic folk artists from the 1960s and 1970s, and has a large number of popular tunes that are both easy to play and well known, so they can go well with just about any occasion.

Each of the two songs listed below are good options for beginners, since they only involve a few different chords, which are repeated throughout the song. Both are in strophic form, which means they have a verse-chorus structure, so you can practice the same sequence of chords multiple times and apply them throughout the song.

Here's a look at two of my personal favorites.

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Perhaps the most famous John Denver song, Leaving on a Jet Plane was an instant classic when he wrote it back in the 60s, and is still popular today. The song has a modest range which makes it accessible to nobive singers, although it does have a few large leaps, making it slightly more challenging.

The goods news, however, is that since the song is so widespread, you're likely to already know the melody, which means your voice will gravitate towards the right notes, and the guitar chords are easy to learn.

Take a listen in this video:

Wild World

The second song by Cat Stevens you might want to check out is Wild World.

This tune is a little more complicated than Leaving on a Jet Plane, but should still be a realistic option for most beginners. Listen to the video below to get a sense of how to play this wonderful and popular tune.

You can also get a lesson on Wild World chords from Online Guitar Tab.

These really are two of the best songs that any beginning guitarist can tackle, and I strongly encourage you to take a look at the video tutorials and see if they're right for you!

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A Musical Tribute To Disney's Frozen

  11/28/15 02:33 pm, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized

As we recover from our turkey-filled bellies this weekend, towns and cities across the country are beginning to light up for the coming Holiday season. With trees arriving in living rooms and city lights emerging in full bloom, we know that winter's kiss is just a few days away, if it hasn't already arrived for you, that is!

To celebrate, we've decided to have a special musical tribute to Frozen, the infamous Disney movie that shook the world by storm when it first came out in 2013.

Here's a quick summary of a few of the top songs of the movie, and some great recordings of these pieces that you'll have to check out!

Let It Go

Easily the most famous Disney song of the 21st century, and rivaling classics like A Whole New World, and Circle of Life in terms of overall popularity, Let It Go is the musical centerpiece of the movie, with themes from the song circling throughout the soundtrack to represent Elsa's emergence as a true individual and quest to define her own self.

Musically speaking, the song is fairly straightforward, with 4 chords that form the backbone of the piece, and a simple modulation about two-thirds of the way through the song.

Personally, I love this song as a duo between solo piano and voice, without the rest of the band. You can grab some great arrangements of Let It Go piano sheet music from http://disneypianosheetmusic.com, or listen to the video below for an incredible performance.

For the First Time in Forever

Another instant classic from Frozen is Princess Anna's reveille, For the First Time in Forever. This song captures the youthful energy and spirit of Princess Anna, who is absolute enthralled to be able to get out and meet people at the coronation ball. After having been confined to the castle for the majority of her life after her injury from Elsa's magic, Anna is both naive and wondrous about the world, and this song captures that state perfectly.

Download For the First time in Forever piano sheet music to get this arrangement for yourself!

You can also download the official soundtrack from iTunes.

Learning To Play and Sing Frozen Songs

One of the best aspects of all of the Frozen songs is that they are all relatively easy to learn how to play and/or sing.

Though the versions used in the official soundtrack may sound intimidating to the novice pianist, there are a number of shortcuts and tricks that you can use to interpret these songs according to your own skill level.

If you're at all interested in learning to play some of these songs, I highly recommend you check out the arrangements listed in the links above, since they are designed to be playable by a wide range of students, not just professional pianists.

For the more advanced, there are all the thrills and frills of the original movie version, and then some, since the arrangements compress the entire orchestra and band into a single piano part. For beginners, on the other hand, there are shell versions available that show how to outline the basic chords and melody in a closed position that you can play without needing to have advanced technique.

Whatever your skill level, having a few of these songs at your fingertips is a great investment of your time. Not only are they fun to play, but since there are so many people who are already familiar with the songs, you'll find they can be great entertainment and impressive to your family and friends!

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Four Guitar Chords That Can Open a Whole New World Of Songs!

  11/09/15 03:28 pm, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized

Are you an aspiring guitarist? If so, then you absolutely need to check out the video below and learn to play these four chords: G, C, D, and E!

This video shows you not only how to play each of these chords, but also some invaluable tips for how to position your fingers for each, and move between them. If you've been struggling to get some good sounding chords on the guitar, then these tips will literally change your life. Listen to different versions of what the chords sound like depending on what you're doing with your fingers and fingertips, and how you're placing them in each position, whether they're close to the fret or in the center of the string.

Take special note of that to get the best, open sound possible.

Then, once you've mastered each of these four chords, you can put them all together to play literally hundreds of popular songs. This video teaches you ten of those songs, including some of the most popular songs ever, like Let It Be, by The Beatles!


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Welcome to Pix-El Music!

  11/09/15 02:43 pm, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized

Welcome to Pix-El Music and Recordings!

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of music and arts worldwide. We work with a number of talented young musicians in order to help them find their own creative expression through music and the arts.

While we focus primarily on piano and guitar students and the resources they can enjoy, we're happy to help students of any instrument as best we are able. Becuase of that commitment, we contantly find ourselves digging up great new online resources that students can use, and helping them find the best tips and tricks for improving their playing, at the lowest cost, whether they're trying to learn how to improvise a jazz solo, play a Broadway show-tune, or simply strum an open E-major chord!

This website and blog is a new venture for us, and we're looking forward to being able to share even more resources with our young musicians by tapping into the wealth of information that's already out there online. Our purpose with this website is not to reinvent the wheel and give new classes, but rather to provide a medium that can help to guide those students that are already looking to learn on their own.

So stay tuned and we hope to be back with more soon!

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