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The Best Beatles Songs for Guitarists

  01/25/16 08:09 am, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized
I think my favorite part about being a guitarist is the sheer number of incredible songs we get to choose from, and the even greater flexibility we can take with a song in order to add a unique touch and create a new and more interesting level of… more »
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How To Play John Denver and Cat Stevens Songs on Guitar for Beginners

  12/02/15 07:37 am, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized
Leaving On a Jet Plane Wild World more »
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A Musical Tribute To Disney's Frozen

  11/28/15 02:33 pm, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized
As we recover from our turkey-filled bellies this weekend, towns and cities across the country are beginning to light up for the coming Holiday season. With trees arriving in living rooms and city lights emerging in full bloom, we know that winter's… more »
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Four Guitar Chords That Can Open a Whole New World Of Songs!

  11/09/15 03:28 pm, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized
Are you an aspiring guitarist? If so, then you absolutely need to check out the video below and learn to play these four chords: G, C, D, and E! This video shows you not only how to play each of these chords, but also some invaluable tips for how to… more »
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Welcome to Pix-El Music!

  11/09/15 02:43 pm, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized
Welcome to Pix-El Music and Recordings! We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of music and arts worldwide. We work with a number of talented young musicians in order to help them find their own creative expression through music… more »
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