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The Best Beatles Songs for Guitarists

  01/25/16 08:09 am, by Johnny Admin, Categories: Uncategorized

I think my favorite part about being a guitarist is the sheer number of incredible songs we get to choose from, and the even greater flexibility we can take with a song in order to add a unique touch and create a new and more interesting level of playing.

That said, by far one of the greatest sources for guitar songs is the most famous band of the 20th century: The Beatles.

From Blackbird to Penny Lane to Revolution, the incredible diversity of styles that The Beatles played (many of them invented/initiated by the group itself) is astonishing.

Here are 3 of my favorite Beatles' songs to play on guitar.

Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood is easily one of my favorite Beatles songs. The tune is perfect for playing a fun, quirky, and sudo-Indian sounding acoustic or electric version of the tune.

This leaves so many options when interpreting the style, and the chords are not that difficult to play. You can get the full Norwegian Wood tab from http://acousticguitarchords.org.


No guitarist's repertoire would be complete without Blackbird.

Though not the easiest tune to play, I wouldn't recommend it for beginners, for an intermediate level guitarist it is definitely doable.

The difficult part of this song is not actually the chord progression, but rather the consistently active guitar line that runs throughout the piece. The good news for the performer is that the line is moderately repetitive, meaning you can learn a few parts and then string them together to play the whole piece.

Learn more about playing Blackbird.


If you prefer the hard rock styles the band merged into later in their career, then Revolution is the piece for you.

Perhaps most famous among guitarists for the electric guitar solo that opens the piece and then provides the rhythm throughout, this is a great one for an intermediate guitarist.

it's not too difficult, and is catchy enough that everyone you know will want to sing along as you play!

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